(Taylor Marie Prendergast)

b. 1990, Palo Alto, CA

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


Taylor Marie Prendergast is a Los Angeles-based painter and performance artist. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Felix Art Fair, Dan Graham 3.0, Over the Influence, Chateau Marmont, Taschen Books, Doverstreet Market and Franco Moragrega. She has collaborated with artists such as Jason Omar Al-Taan, SOPHIE, Eli Linnetz, and David LaChapell.


2013 California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA (1 semester)

2012 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA (1 year)

2009 Joze Ciuha, Sipan, Croatia


David LaChapelle private collection

Private collection, Vancouver BC

Private collection, Winnipeg MB

Private collection, Sydney AUS

Private collection, London UK

Private collection, New York NY

Private collection, Paris France


San Francisco Art Institute Academic Scholarship

California Institute of the Arts Academic Scholarship


Exhibitions History


Only God Can Judge, Carlye Packer, Los Angeles, CA

Felix Art Fair, with Carlye Packer, Los Angeles, CA

a ride in the luxury Mercedes, San Diego, CA


Three’s Company, curated by Aaron Winkle, Dan Graham 3.0, Los Angeles, CA

An Homage to Hollis Benton, curated by Aaron Moulton, Over the Influence, Los Angeles, CA

I voted, Greyhound Bus Stop, Santa Ana, CA

UHAUL, Arts District, Los Angeles, CA

the in laws, Oak Park Freeway, Chicago, IL

a dance for the handy man, David LaChapelle Studios, Los Angeles, CA

don’t look at me, Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles, CA

Take me to Dubai with SOPHIE, Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY

Heaven to hell with David LaChapelle, Teaschen Books, Los Angeles, CA

Dinner in a Thong, Chateau Marmot, Los Angeles, CA

Supermoon, Yeezy, Los Angeles, CA

uh oh, Doverstreet Market, Los Angeles, CA


You catch more files with arsenic than honey, Club Pro Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

The Illusion of Order, Franco Moragrega, San Diego, CA

To Be In Love, Franco Moragrega, San Diego, CA


Homage Egon Schiele, Galeria Jan, La Jolla, CA